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Your words, your tales of fatherhood, laughs and loss, fears and frustrations, moments and milestones. You wrote them down because they mattered. You shared them because you had to. But hitting Publish doesn’t have to be the end the story. Consigned to the archives, your words can live again, delivered to a receptive audience in San Diego. If you asked the 20 men who’ve occupied the Dad Blogger Spotlight, they might say it’s an amazing memory you can keep forever.

Each year, we ask the community to nominate examples of the best writing among the online dad community, and we feature five of them from the main stage of the Dad 2.0 Summit. Every experience proves fantastic and unique, and this year, that experience could be yours. Whether you submit your own post or one from another blogger, the submissions for Dad 2.017 Spotlights are now live! And because this is our fifth year of Spotlighting great writing, we’re leaving the window open for an entire month, until Friday, November 18. As you’ll see, dads’ voices will factor prominently into this year’s expanded programming.


Father-daughter traditions take on all forms. Some of them have more zombies than others.

At, Tom Burns looks at kids and cursing in “5 Times I’m Glad I Let My Kid Hear the F-Word.”

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and meditation? You better believe it.

Fact: Giving your sons a stronger sense of self helps them against any peer pressure to commit sexual assault.

In 1971, the U.S. came very close to having universal, federally subsidized child care. But due largely to the efforts of President Nixon, we have to wait a little longer.

Author David Vienna joined Take Two to discuss raising sons in the sudden era of “locker room talk.”

The holy trinity of finding quality child care is more than just Location, Location, Location.

Why are some men suddenly recoiling from the challenge of raising a son?

Childhood should be filled with life skills, and the training falls on us. Plus, free lawn mowing!


Who needs “tiger parenting” when you can teach kids to think for themselves and make their own success?

We’ve all seen them on the sidelines, those parents that are ruining youth sports. You know who you are.  Cut it out.

Whitney Lloyd shares an important piece on what daughters aren’t telling their parents about sexual assault.

As more men write about their lives, we find dads’ stories are as varied and complex (and heartbreaking) as those shared by moms.

If you’re heartbroken, watch this. It’s great for whatever ails you.

Have kids in college? Jessica Lahey wants parents to remember that it’s their journey, not ours.

Anyone who’s had to change his kid on a park bench will love this great Upworthy video, featuring Lance Somerfeld and City Dads Group.


Anyone that has ever found themselves counting out change at midnight, or acting like Indiana Jones to move a sleeping child’s pillow without setting off alarms, this wonderful tooth fairy moment from Action Movie Kid is for you.

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