FoF: Show Us Your “Movember Eve” Costumes!

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October is full of surprises, and while that may be especially true in an election year, it’s even more so for baseball fans in Chicago and Cleveland, who’ve waited a collective 176 years for a title. Tonight, Wrigley Field will host its first World Series game since 1945, Halloween is on Monday, and the world’s ugliest election cycle is almost over—these are the treats, folks.

The tricks are in the details: this election will undoubtedly produce some of the most inappropriate costumes ever; the Indians’ mascot is still insensitive; and candy bars have been shriveled to the size of a sugar cube. (Since when does shrinking something make it “Fun Size”? We call bullshit.)

October may be pink- and pumpkin-washed, but it’s also a chance to make childhood memories, teach life lessons, and root together like it’s 1908. If nothing else, at least we’ll always have America’s Dad to sit us down, set us straight, and let us all know it’s all gonna be OK.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter (which you totally subscribe to), Halloween is also Movember Eve, a time to say goodbye to that clean-shaven face–or, in some cases, to reunite with it before you spend the month re-growing that massive chin-hedge. Dad 2.0 has been supporting Movember since our beginning, and this year we’re once again very geared up to help form the Movember Dads team with City Dads Group, Life Of Dad, and the National At-Home Dad Network. Please join us, however you can!


Jayson Greene shared a tender and terrible personal story at the New York Times that every parent should read: “Children Don’t Always Live.”

Congratulations to friend of Dad 2.0, Dr. David Eagleman, on raising $3 million in seed funding for an app that “helps users understand if they or a loved one may have suffered a concussion.”

Running with your kids is so much more than just exercise. It’s bonding built upon pure dedication, infuriating rigidity, and overall, a comforting routine. And it’s good for you, too.

From the “celebrities, they’re just like us” file: Russell Brand is “lit up” about becoming a dad.

The American Association of Pediatrics used to limit kids’ screen time to two hours a day. Can you guess what changed their minds?

A Virginia campaign to “Add the Dad” to the birth certificate says it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. We agree.

You know those spooky sounds that go bump in the night? It might be your kid.

Being a dad isn’t about labels. But transferring from single parent to step-parent it isn’t always easy.

Besides, comparing fathers and step-fathers is just like debating Nature vs. Nurture.

Have you ever wondered why more kids don’t speak up about bullying? It’s because speaking up is hard.

Are coaching and parenting really the same thing? Also, can parents wear whistles?

The World Series is full of father/son stories that put the crying in baseball. For half of those fans, the heartbreak is about to end.

Team Dad is all about young dads, young kids, and a new generation of strong father/child bonds. The future is bright, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Dom’s dad has a unique set of skills; specifically, he’s created surrealistic images based upon his son’s artwork, and they are amazing. Seriously, we could look at these all day:

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