FoF: What the World Series Taught Us

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Most of us have been raised to accept baseball as America’s pastime, but this year, in the wake of a country coming together for 10 magical innings, it might mean more than ever.

As we’ve learned over the 2016 election (in which you absolutely should vote), political allegiances can change over the years, often to the point of contention. Baseball loyalties, however, are passed down via thicker bonds, the classic blood against political waters, and with those ties we find our fellowship at its purest, our spirits transcendent.

When the Cubs won their first title in 108 years, fans turned the Sheffield Wall at Wrigley Field (see above, photo credit) into a memorial for loved ones who died too soon to be a part of the celebration. By inspiring these stories of generational givings, the deep cuts of influence on culture, and the endless tears that pour from each, this World Series has connected many of us at a time when we’ve never felt further apart.

The stories are everywhere. From Victor Aragon‘s “What the Chicago Cubs Win Means to Me” to the touching story of the man who drove 600 miles to keep a promise to his late father, this pastime has become an obsession that has afforded America a bit of much-needed hope and healing. Baseball is an American game, and we Americans have never loved it more.

They say there is no crying in baseball, and they are so very, very wrong.


Here are few more heartfelt hits showcasing the familial impact of baseball fandom:


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A new study has confirmed what we long suspected: Kids of LGBT parents are doing just fine.


Chicago has its championship parade today (complete with a blue-dyed river!), but for us the true Series capper was Cubs manager Joe Maddon putting on his late father’s cap, and then, suddenly overcome by the moment, launching the hug heard ’round the world. Enjoy the goodwill, Cubbies, before you win the next five or six Series, and everyone starts hating your guts.

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