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The 2016 elections may be over, but as many ruefully predicted, we’re still feeling the fallout. We knew that, regardless of who won, half the country would be deeply disappointed in the result. Beyond that, however, we’re thinking of the families who now feel more vulnerable, the parents and children confronting antisocial behavior, and the veterans who, on the eve of Veterans Day, watched the flag they fought for being burned in the streets.

We have other issues with the President-elect, for sure. But most importantly, we maintain our commitment to shape Dad 2.0 Summit as a place for open, civil dialogue, and we know our community members are open and civil enough to use it.

People and media talk a lot about toxic polarity, but we remain convinced there’s more common ground among us than we’re being led to believe. Our dads come from a spectrum of diverse backgrounds, but we all love our kids and want to do best by them. So the only way forward, however incrementally, is to continue to encourage more talking, more listening, and more regard for the shared experience of parenting that binds us.

Examples of which, as on every Friday, appear below.


In New York, the Department of Youth and Community Development will spend $2.8m through its Fatherhood Initiative to strengthen dads’ relationships with their children.

“Bad fathers are bad writers are bad people.” So says Neil Gaiman, in a piece by Julian Gough on fatherhood stereotypes ruining family relationships.

Tom Petty once said that the waiting is the hardest part. We have our doubts. Here is “What Happens in the Delivery Room When Your Baby Arrives,” from Fatherly.

We believe society is “rationalizing” when it acknowledges dads as a parenting asset: The Humiliation of the American Father.

Discussing depression helps men acknowledge their pain and know they’re not alone. Humor helps.

“If you have kids, you feel everything stronger. It’s like someone turning the lights on in your inner room.” – Casey Affleck, getting it.

All the childhood’s a stage: How performing in theater can build empathy in children.

We are big fans of mentorship, because any opportunity for dads to pay their parenting experience forward is a tremendous thing.

The child abuse allegations against Brad Pitt have been unfounded. We wish him well, and hope the family can start building its new normal.

Work-life balance is difficult, especially if there’s a lot of work in your life. We like our scales to stack life’s way.

Ever wonder how the other half eats? Here is what professional chefs pack in their kids’ lunches.

BREAKING NEWS: Dirt don’t hurt. (We knew it!)

Move over Bill Nye! Now we have the science of better parenting.

Being a single parent isn’t easy: Portraits In Single Parenting: Doing One Of Life’s Hardest Jobs, On Your Own.


As we mentioned last week (and in several tweets since then), it’s Movember! And if you want to do some good, now’s the time to face it. (That dad joke was included at no extra charge.)

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