FoF: Thanksgiving Edition

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In the face of the current news cycle, it may seem particularly challenging to embrace this year’s Season of Thankfulness (especially if you’re bracing yourself for political arguments somewhere between the turkey and pumpkin pie). Rather than jump headlong into plans to lubricate those awkward moments with booze and tryptophan, we’re doing our best to focus on what we’re thankful for. Which is a lot.

For instance, we’re thankful for all that continues to go on in the name of Oren Miller, including everyone who supported the Dads4Kesem team and our Scholarship Program (which will fund 12 Miller Grants for the 2017 Dad 2.0 Summit).

We’re thankful for the Movember Dads team, growing the world’s worst mustaches to raise money and awareness for improving men’s health.

We’re thankful for everyone who’s coming to San Diego in 12 weeks, especially since you’ve ensured our quickest sellout ever.

We’re thankful for all your Dad Blogger Spotlight submissions (remember, today is the deadline).

We’re thankful for the successes of our friends at Life of DadCity Dads GroupThe National At-Home Dad, The Dad Network, and Mom 2.0 Summit, and for all the important work they and many others do as pioneers, volunteers, and philanthrop-eers.

We’re thankful for every post, podcast, video, tweet, Snap, and Gram that shows firsthand how dads improve our lives, and vice versa.

We’re thankful for our family, our friends, and for readers like you. Seriously, you’re wonderful.

And finally, we’re most thankful to know there’s far more good out there than Facebook would ever suggest, and that you can judge your world most faIRLy when you experience as much of it as possible In Real Life.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us at the Dad 2.0 Summit!


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We know this isn’t about parenting, per se, but it may be the best Thanksgiving moment ever that didn’t involve pie. Enjoy!

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