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Let’s face it. Between the cranberry sauce and the ball drop, Decembers are usually a blur. Throughout the hullabaloo of the Holiday Season, though, we embrace the constants of giving, charity, and help. The Dad 2.0 Summit supports many causes, including our mainstay, Movember. We may have spent a month looking like our high school English teachers, but it was worth it.

You may also recall our involvement in Dads4Kesem, who traversed 97 miles of rain and poop to raise $40,000 for a new chapter of Camp Kesem. This year’s Giving Tuesday was amazingly kind to Camp Kesem (and a lot of other charities), perhaps because of this video. (Caution: When it’s over, you may find your socks knocked clean off.)

Giving Tuesday donations jumped 44%, smashing the old record like the Hulk in a music store. We’re amazed and refreshed to see so many–like our friends at City Dads Group, who spent the day readying clothes and 24,000 meals for donation to needy families in seven cities (see above)–looking to counter the weighty tumult of 2016 by being the good in it. Here’s hoping a little time with your children, giving of yourselves, helps slow December down. The best way to make a difference is to stand up and make one.


Want a better tomorrow? Start with your kids today: “Raising Children that Give Back.”

Take a moment to read this truly amazing story about a man piecing together the past and a picture of his late father.

A new study shows that you can now blame your parents for your poor time management—you know, like our kids already do with us.

Pedrinho Fonseca was raised around “intense chauvinism.” He is making sure that his son won’t be.

Do your kids (and you) love Moana? Then they won’t want to miss next week’s Hour of Code event(s).

From sports kid to sports parent, John Nuckel at the New York Times writes that the transition is about perspective and the lessons we have learned.

Meanwhile in New England, Tom Brady’s son has embroiled his father in … Donkeygate?

Papa, can you hear the hipsters? Apparently the sobriquet is up in the latest edition of everything old is new again. Also, turns out that sobriquet is not the same thing as sorbet.

Playing Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 proved therapeutic for Chris Pratt while dealing with the death of his father.

How do you father a boy when you were raised a girl? Meet Robbie Samuels in “Transgender Dad Carving Path of Opportunities for Son, Future.”

Sanfilippo syndrome is a scary, awful, deadly disease. This is the story of one dad who raised $1 million to fight it.

Can video games help improve a child’s eyesight? A new study says that they can. No, your kid(s) didn’t make this up.

Remember the story of the dad searching the world for a particular, rare cup for his autistic son? It ended well.

Parenting is more like gardening than carpentry (no matter how awesome your tool box is). There is a science to doing it right.

Nothing really prepares you for when your 5-year-old asks, “How many more days until we all die?

Could a headline like “A father-son road trip in Death Valley: One muscle car, one teenager and the American West” contain more awesome things?


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Picture credit: SF Dads Group

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