Dove Men+Care returns as Title Sponsor, with a heroic request!

Doug French2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

If there’s one cultural shift since the Dad 2.0 Summit debuted in 2012 that we’re happiest about, it’s the debunking of the thought that a father who takes care of mundane parenting tasks is some sort of hero. We’ve learned to debunk the idea that changing a diaper is in any way superhuman, and instead to bestow heroism on more deserving acts of courage, altruism, leadership, and self-sacrifice.

If you saw Dove Men+Care’s wonderful “My Dad, My Hero” campaign last Father’s Day (below), you can see what we mean. Because each of those dads isn’t there to merely sustain his kid’s life. He’s there to nourish and enrich it, by building a bond of care.

That’s why our six-year partnership makes so much sense, and why we’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to announce them as our Title Sponsor for the fifth consecutive year.

Since we’ve known them, Dove Men+Care has both shown and spearheaded the evolution of fatherhood, by highlighting the caring role of modern dads and changing the conversation around what it means to be a hero. You’re going to see a lot more of that at this year’s Summit, and as always, they want our community to be at the center of this discussion.

Celebrating the heroes among us

In preparation for Dad 2.017, Dove Men+Care wants its Sponsor Suite to reflect stories about your personal heroes, especially within our community. It could be a friend you’ve made at Dad 2.0 who’s offered support at a crucial time, or someone whose example you’re eager to follow. Many of us, for example, will cite Oren Miller for how he pursued his goals with such passion and left this world with such dignity.

If you’d like to celebrate story of a hero you admire, send an image and a three- or four-sentence description to DMCDad2017 [at] edelman [dot] com by Wednesday, Dec. 21. You’ll be recognized at the Summit and receive a gift card for your participation. And together, we can celebrate the heroes in our own lives, for truly heroic reasons.

Welcome back, Dove Men+Care! We couldn’t have done all this without you.