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Given our two big news stories this week, announcing our first round of Speakers and the return of Dove Men+Care as our Title Sponsor for the fifth consecutive year, we’re thinking a lot about the heroes among us. You know who they are, those who rise above the din, all the way to the moment, and do better by it.

Somewhere along the way, “hero” entered the daily vernacular, perhaps too deeply. Suddenly, what was once reserved for feats of bravery and good became the badge of expectations met. Dads spending time with their kids, changing diapers and attending to all those things we’re supposed to do as parents, were greeted with three cheers and ticker tape. You don’t have to look far—say, to survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago this week—to see there is much more to a hero than that.

Between the extremes we find what it really means to act heroically, to seize a situation and do everything possible to teach, love, inspire, and make a difference in the lives of others. Dads all over the world are stepping up to this challenge, either by running 400 miles to combat a disease, or just by affirming their support for their kids, as in the video below:

Theirs are the actions that set good in motion, and they are worthy of our attentions, whether they want them or not. Sometimes, another hero is exactly what we need.


What are your family screen-time policies? This study suggests most parents are pretty chill. And yet …

video games are more addictive than ever, and kids are losing time, friends and opportunities IRL because of them. In fact …

… screens in general are taking their toll on families, to which Amy Joyce suggests parents “model the right behavior yourself.” Then …

… once you’ve worked out your family’s social media policy, make sure the sitter understands it.

Kudos to our good pal (and Dad 2.014 keynoter) Peter Shankman, who is using his abundance of airline miles to help families travel for the holidays.

Turns out, Ratt was right: What comes around, goes around. Consider that while parenting, because there’s an increasing chance that some day, your kids may be taking care of you.

Wonder how they do Christmas in the summertime? New Zealand’s Jordan Watson of How to Dad Internet fame shows his strategy for holiday shopping with a baby.

After five goals and four kids, John Scott is leaving the NHL for his next spin around the ice, as a stay-at-home dad.

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but education programs are helping parents see eye-to-eye about collaborative co-parenting.

Want to see a face light up? Watch this 8-year-old take her first steps on the toes of her father.

There’s a thin line between “want” and “need,” and nothing makes it clearer than kids and the holidays.

Dads, do your kids get a quantity or the quality of your time?

Confronting stereotypes and finding one’s purpose in fatherhood is a pretty great thing.


And now, here’s a “Let It Go,” from our friends at Life of Dad, that we can all sing along to:

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