Best Buy Is Back For Year Three!

Doug FrenchAnnouncements

If you’ve attended Dad 2.0 over the last two years, you’ve probably become accustomed to that particular booth peopled with knowledgeable blue-shirts and slick tech. And we’re happy to announce that Best Buy has signed on for a third straight year at Official Sponsor!

For a long time, now, Best Buy has shown its strong desire to involve dads in their brand strategy, and this year, they’re looking to show off some of their latest and greatest tech, answer your thorniest gear-centric questions with an actual Geek Squad agent on site, and talk to you about expanding its Best Buy Blogger Network team!

We know what you’re thinking: “Please tell me they’re doing another drone outing, with even cooler drones at a place that’s less than an hour’s drive away.” And we’re happy to say, Yes. On all counts.

On Thursday, February 9, at noon PT, the first 50 attendees who sign up will fly either a DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, eat some delicious BBQ in Mission Bay, and receive a SanDisk card loaded with their flying footage. This year, we’re organizing the event into two groups; the first 25 signups will fly first and then eat lunch, and the next 25 will eat first. So if you’re attending Dad 2.017 this year and you enjoyed last year’s event in the Virginia countryside, sign up here and make your plans to fly into town in time for another spectacular afternoon by the San Diego shoreline!