Fatherhood on Friday: Holiday Prep and Practice

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

In much of North America, winter has finally asserted itself. It’s the most wonderful time of this very challenging year, with holidays a week away and the promise of new calendars we can’t open soon enough. As we wind down toward our last FoF of 2016, we’re inclined to reminisce about the year’s more extraordinary stories that broke the mold and broke our hearts.

As our Movember mustaches morph into winter beards, and the folly takes a turn to the jolly, we’re embracing the hope and uplift and giving of the season. And we’re happy to have you here with us. If we had sent out a holiday card, this would have been the gist of it: Amid the cold and snow, we hope you have somewhere warm to call home.

Also, if you haven’t started your shopping, you should really get on that.


Congratulations to our friends at Life of Dad, whose #CheerioChallenge meme was recognized by New York magazine as one of 2016’s top memes!

Congratulations also go to the Dad Spotlight podcast, for their 100th episode! Pretty soon you’ll be in syndication.

It turns out that celebrities’ parents are just like ours! John Krasinski has realized that his folks figured everything out by trial and error, too.

There are a lot of helpful developmental contrasts to consider between adolescent boys and girls, and plenty of ways for parents to offer support.

Do your kids question how Santa Claus can do all that he does in only one night? Now you can answer with science. Thanks, Einstein!

This is the true spirit of the season:

Are Americans obsessed with the concept of parenting? Probably, but some of us face more limits than others.

From Ravi Karkara: “Men and boys must work in partnership with women and girls across all stages of the life cycle.”

There is a way to help prevent kids from automatically thinking negative thoughts in any given situation, and we’re all part of it.

Actor Matthew McConaughey says having the sex talk at 14 with his father “was really cool and kind of took taboos off things.”

Parenting win, holiday edition:

A flexible, 36-hour work week, more work from home, and “Papadag.” The Dutch are on to something.

It sounds like new taxes on loans from parents “are going to surprise a lot of people.” We’re not sure how we feel about surprises.

Looking to invest? Why put your money in stock futures when you can put it in the actual future? Eric Westervelt writes on preschool returns for NPR.

Want to raise charitable children? It’s not difficult. And it has to come from more than “because we said so.”

This week we lost one of TV’s best dads, and by all accounts, a pretty great father in real life, too. Our thoughts to the family, friends and fans of Alan Thicke.


We’re big fans of the photography of That Dad Blog‘s Alan Lawrence. Here are a couple of shots from his Instagram account that really capture the holiday spirit:

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