SmartyPants Vitamins Wants To Know How #MyKidHasGuts

Doug French2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

We really like where SmartyPants Vitamins is going this year.

First and foremost, of course, they’re coming to San Diego as Supporting Sponsor of Dad 2.017 for the third year in a row. In this time, they’ve brought in several dads to collaborate on marketing efforts that help us all respect the power of the Gummy.

This year, to promote their new Adult and Kids Probiotic complete vitamins, SmartyPants is launching a campaign with the most dadtastic title ever: “My Kid Has Guts.” SmartyPants knows that one of the crucial aspects of parenting is helping your kids reach outside their comfort zones to accomplish what they might not think they’re ready for. And this year, they’ll be looking to dads to celebrate those precious moments of risk aversion, no matter how small.

See you in San Diego, SmartyPants! Thanks so much for the threepeat!