FoF: Peace, Love, and the Cradle of Power

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Wednesday was a big day. It was the Winter Solstice, the 50-day mark before Dad 2.017, and our second Speaker announcement. And now that the year’s Darkest Day is behind us, it’s beginning to look a lot like [insert the year-end holiday you celebrate here!]. Granted, a lot of stores have looked like that since Labor Day. But now, it is actually cold outside, and we can warm ourselves with nostalgia for a time when unwrapping a little, red truck was a very big deal.

Kipling wrote that being a man means keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs, and J.G. Holland opined that “calmness is the cradle of power.” And that’s what we wish for you while the last of 2016 leaks away: a cool, calm head, recharging for the new year.

This season is about goodwill, at a time when the world would have you believe it’s in short supply. We hope that, wherever you keep your holiday season, you’re able to throw your arms around those you love, whether or not you like them very much. And if you’re separated from your people, remember that you live in the 21st century, and you can use technology to reach out to the community. We’re all here with you—with bells on. (Jingle bells, kettlebells, sudsy Bell’s, whatever. You get the drift.)


Finding a Santa that resembles your family isn’t always easy. The Washington Post’s Zara Stone takes us on “The Annual Search for Black Santa.”

Losing a parent around the holidays changes the season forever.

Here are some sobering numbers about families enduring rural poverty, and the social services that can rescue their holidays.

Giving isn’t just a holiday lesson. Here are six tips to raising charitable children.

Divorced parenting during the holidays doesn’t have to be just a lump of coal.

Here’s a touching story of a woman fulfilling her late father’s Christmas wish: “It’s the best Christmas ever. I’ve been waiting forever for this.”

The Santa costume leaves you soaked with sweat, but “the smile of a happy child is priceless.”

If you ever find yourself making some serious bank, Amy Schumer has the right idea of what to do with it. (Hint, it involves a truly special gift for Dad.)

The L.A. Lakers’ Larry Nance, Jr. finally dunked his father’s approval.

Actor and playwright Katie Beckett wrote “Which Way Home” to make sure her dad knew how much she loved him.

The Rock is really cooking at fatherhood (and, we assume, smelling it):

How much of a dad’s nature helps him nurture?

When it comes to parenting, how strict is too strict? The balance can be hard to find.

More single men want to be dads because “culturally, marriage and parenting don’t always dovetail.”

In 2017, Deutsche Bank’s parental leave policy will be gender-neutral across 16 Asian-Pacific countries.

GQ has some parenting tips for lazy dads, the most obvious of which is: “Don’t be lazy.”


The hottest movie ticket of the season is Rogue One, and while it deals heavily in fatherhood-based themes, none of the planets featured is nearly as winter-esque as Hoth. Which is why Action Kid and his family are tubing there for the holidays. Obvs.

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