FoF: Going On Seventeen

Whit HoneaFatherhood on Friday

Ah, young love. It gives us that exuberant, reinvigorated feeling that new years often do—allowing closure for some, and providing fresh hope for others. Most of us probably feel a bit of both.

These are the early stretches, the dawn of what we think will be a particularly momentous year. In two weeks, America’s transfer of Presidential power will send a lot of executive policies into diametric directions. The social media platforms we can’t tear our eyes from are in a redemptive phase, responding to think pieces urging people to quit. Trust is at a premium, and marketers plan to rely on online influencers more than ever to establish (or re-establish) it.

It is upon us all to find the strength to rise to all of these changes, while we’re still trying to be the best fathers and partners and earners we can be. We’ll be talking about all these facets of modern fatherhood–the loves we enjoy, the stresses we endure–at Dad 2.017, which is a scant five weeks away. Every year, we hope you leave the Summit with a little more clarity, more gas in the tank, and renewed sense of what to make next. Every time we hear that a new thing has been created because of a conversation at the Dad 2.0 Summit, that Sounds like Music to us.


Here’s a parenting win we can all share: Researchers think teens abuse alcohol and drugs a lot less because they get along better with their parents.

This is a big deal: New Jersey just made it easier for adoptees to find their birth parents.

After she researched the life of her dad, nicknamed “Lawrence of Burma” for his heroic exploits during World War II, Keggie Carew’s “Dadland: A Journey Into Unchartered Territory” has been hailed as “hilarious and heartbreaking.”

Where do you stand on the great toy gun debate? David Blacker of Gays With Kids shares his opinion.

Salon reports on the Young Fathers of Santa Fe, and how it prepares nervous young dads for life’s biggest challenge—and sticks with them.

A common theme this new year is the difference between goals and resolutionsWhit Honea‘s kids have some ideas over at City Dads Group.

At Money, Josh Levs writes that instead of disputing who worries more, couples need to discuss stress and support each other.

Turns out, if you treat non-custodial fathers as more than a paycheck, they’ll respond.

Divorce isn’t easy on the kids: “Marriage may not be for life, but your children are.”

Dr. John (not the jazz guy) wants to know: Is your parenting game is ready for the new year?

Anyone who’s lost a parent knows the holidays simply aren’t the same if they’re no longer around.”


When you become a new uncle you are also becoming a new mentor, and it is never too early to make a good first impression. This is how you do it:

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