Keeper Security Wants To Save Our Sensitive Digital Assets

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When you’re a parent, you’re a protector. You spend your time walking the fine line between when to intervene, and when to let your kids fall so they can learn to get back up again. But there’s one area where failure is not an option: Online safety. And since we’re the first generation of parents that needs to teach our kids about hackers, identity theft, and privacy, we’re glad to announce that Keeper Security has joined our Sponsor team!

Keeper Security has enlightened us to a number of uncomfortable facts about our online lives:

  • Child identity theft is 35 times more common than adult identity theft, and credit reports fail to detect 99% of instances when a child’s identity has been hacked.
  • Geolocation is great for keeping track of your kids, but it’s also a tool for others to keep track of them.
  • The top cause of cyber theft is a weak password

The best way to keep your family safe is to know all you can, and Keeper Security is bringing a booth of experts and running a roundtable discussion with Co-Founder and CEO Darren Guccione to discuss cyber crime and explain how their products thwart it. We hope you build relationships with them that last well beyond San Diego, so we can protect ourselves and kids all year long!