Fatherhood On Friday: Roll the Bones

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It’s Friday the 13th, so it seems appropriate to remember how much of our parenthood relies on luck. There are steps and directions, manuals and advice, but little prepares us for the trial and errors of reality—or the rewards that follow. But some things are best left discovered on our own.

A lot of dads see ourselves as the fixers, the problem solvers. The protectors. And part of the process of becoming a dad is acknowledging our vulnerability to a whole universe beyond our control. You’re responsible for a separate being that is subject to the hopes and hiccups and hairpin turns of human existence, and your only comforts, really, are 1) giving your best effort, and 2) sharing the experience of those efforts with others.

Luck happens. But if you believe chance favors the prepared mind, you have a world of amazing resources to prepare it. Our goal is to encourage dads to use them, contribute to them, and create a library for the next generation. So when the bones come up Snake Eyes, you’ll be in the best position to know what to do, and then roll again.


Should parents “kickstart” dating experiences for their kids to set a good example? Amy Packham has some thoughts.

The media isn’t doing anyone any favors when they try to teach girls their self-worth.

“The President just gave legitimacy to my struggle as a gay man, and you’re damn right I shed a tear or two.”

Are your kids having trouble grasping Instagram’s rules use? A lawyer has translated some of them into regular English, so that kids (and older non-kids) can understand their privacy rights.

Mohammad Umar was proud to be the father of an enormous family — until he couldn’t feed them.

We love it when parents help parents! It’s the parenting way!

A dad wears hearing aids so his daughter won’t feel stigmatized and withdraw from social situations. Which is damn cool.

For every dad who’s said, “Wait, stop–HOLY CRAP THAT’S AWESOME!” This is awesome.

Our friends at Seahorses PDX have been getting a lot of media attention lately, and it is well deserved!



Rob Lowe gets it:

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