FoF: Change is a Constant Thing

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

It’s Inauguration Day, and we get the impression we’ll all remember where we were when the 45th President took his oath of office. Whether you’re applauding on the grandstand today or protesting at a march tomorrow, profound, diametric change is coming. The country feels more divided than we have ever known, each side so siloed by confirmation bias that the other is fading from view. We are either fearful or excited, and much of our upcoming Summit will discuss how to recognize the Why of both, and to find a way to restore the art and civility of compromise. If not for us, then for our kids.

Setting aside politics, the Executive view of fatherhood is about take a hairpin turn; one man cites fatherhood as his crowning achievement, the other as “not his thing.” Whatever the ripple effect of such an abrupt shift, this new Administration will call upon all of us to be better—better citizens, better neighbors, and better parents. We’ll need to be involved, working to protect those in need, to celebrate dads’ stories as a way to empathize with how others live and think, and to advocate for the dignity of right when it seems wrong is getting all the coverage.

Today is a day of change, but it won’t be the only one, and the examples and actions of fatherhood before us are ours to share. We owe the kids that much.


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“I didn’t understand my father until I understood ‘the f*cking Eagles‘.” (The band, that is.)

People around the country are raising money so that girls can attend screenings of “Hidden Figures,” and you can help.

Congrats to Wolverine’s new film on emphasizing the importance of a good mentor. Also, this trailer is totally NSFW:

It’s pretty awesome when you delve into your father’s past and realize he was a total bad-ass. David Schlesinger had that.

Nigel Higgins gets it: “The first time I fed the girls with a bottle of breast milk, a tear rolled down my cheek.”

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Almost half of millennial dads surveyed would trade a pay cut for better work-life integration. We’re fairly certain that applies to other age groups, too.

The numbers are in, and it turns out the “terrible twos” aren’t all that terrible. Who knew?

Matt Richtel writes that a good way to encourage creativity in kids is to ask them “what if?”


Finally, we would be remiss not to acknowledge President Obama, on his tenure as Dad-in-chief, and also Vice President Biden, both of whom have been amazing examples of fatherhood for America and the world. We wish them and their families well.

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