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Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

“The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.” – Paul Simon

Walls. We spend lifetimes building them up and tearing them down. They are the obstacles between us and the perception of security. Either way, they serve their purpose best when the bricks we stack are metaphor. As a literal structure they should dare us to rise upon them, sit atop their spine, plant elbows across them in meaningful conversation, leave our mark(s) against the sides, and hit balls that fly far over. We have enough division in this world, and do not need reminders of it.

Instead, we prefer connection. We enjoy voices rising, showing our own spines, and propping our elbows upon a bar top in meaningful conversation. We also aim to leave our mark, through words and the actions that they inspire, and the only way to do that is to chip away at our barriers and engage whomever will listen. The growth of modern fatherhood, and the way we will keep building upon it, metaphors and bricks, the responsibility of generations—this is how we will connect in new and better ways.

Each of us has a brick and an important decision: whether to add it to a wall, or throw it through a glass ceiling.


Don’t overpraise your kids. Or their dads, either.

Want to know how to become literally the coolest dad in the entire neighborhood? Grab your mittens.

Do you have dad legs? Then you kneed to read this.

This from our friend Mike Cruse, one of this year’s Dad Blogger Spotlight readers:

In losing her husband, Ann Brenoff learned that “he was a better dad than I ever knew.”

Dads reading to their kids is good for absolutely everything. Bottle that stuff.

Mark Twain told his kids stories at bedtime, too, and now this one has been published! Congratulations, Mr. Twain, on your pending success.

Good news, parents! You don’t have to compromise your refined tastes to help kids enjoy the arts.

In defense of the “oxygen mask” view of parenting: Self-care trickles down. Think about it.

When was the last time you thanked your child’s teacher?


We were hooked the first time we saw Lunarbaboon, and this comic (below) is timely and perfect. Read more at his site. Hell, read ’em all (we did).

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