Dad 2.017 Programming: Friday, Feb. 10

Doug French2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Speakers

As we mentioned last fall, Dad 2.0 Summit’s programming has expanded! You know when you feed your kid all the right things, make sure he gets enough sleep and exercise, and suddenly he’s a six-foot teenager borrowing your dress shirts? Something like that.

Below is our Friday programming, which features our roundtables and our newest addition to the slate: ShowHow workshops. The ShowHows are 45 minutes long and combine the tangible takeaways of a roundtable and the room-specific focus of a breakout session.

ShowHow Workshops

Business Training

With branding opportunities poised to enjoy unprecedented popularity, it’s time to get serious about strategy, and build diverse revenue streams.
Julie Nowell

Legal Issues for Digital Media Influencers

A media and intellectual property attorney will outline the legal rights and obligations all online entrepreneurs need to understand.
Amanda Schreyer

Pitch Like A Pro

An idea is only as brilliant as the skill you have to sell it. We’ll discuss how to refine your focus, and make it much easier for your “catcher” to say yes.
Jennie O’Hagan Korneychuk

Social Entrepreneurship

The secret to broadcasting is to master narrowcasting. When you find a core group who shares your passions, you can build your empire from the inside out.
Al Ferguson  ŸŸŸ▪︎  Lance Somerfeld

Turn Funny Into Money

Is a joke funny if no one hears it? We’ll discuss how to use your humorous voice to break into broader media outlets such as TV, radio, print, and podcasting.
Chris Cate

Who’s Sharing, And Why?

The social parenting team at BuzzFeed takes you through the strategies for promoting your videos to target markets that help your vision go viral.
Morgan Shanahan  ŸŸŸ▪︎  Mike Spohr

Roundtable Workshops