Dad 2.017 programming: Saturday, Feb. 11

Doug French2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Speakers

As we mentioned last fall, Dad 2.0 Summit’s programming has expanded! You know when you feed your kid all the right things, make sure he gets enough sleep and exercise, and suddenly he’s a six-foot teenager borrowing your dress shirts? Something like that.

Here are our nine Saturday breakouts, which will take place in the second floor meeting rooms Milos, Syros, and Rhodes. We can’t wait to see you there!

Saturday Morning

Where We Are: Fatherhood
After two groundbreaking reports, Promundo has provided parents and policymakers with a comprehensive look at worldwide male caregiving. Our experts will parse the data we have, suggest the data we need, and recommend bold initiatives to help the modern fatherhood movement expand and diversify.
Brian Heilman  ▪︎  Pat Riccards ▪︎  Eric Snow ▪︎  Jonathan Stern

Where We Are: Influencer Marketing
In 2017, an overwhelming majority of brands will incorporate social influencers into their marketing plans. Trust has emerged as a precious commodity, and as the industry braces for a breakout year, our panel of professionals will map out how brands and bloggers can best position themselves to ride the wave.
John Dominguez ▪︎  AJ Feuerman ▪︎  Stefania Pomponi ▪︎ Patrick Quinn  ▪︎  Mike Satterfield

Where We Are: Social Media
We’ve extolled social media for its power to inform and connect, but recently we’ve learned to comprehend this power with new caution. Confirmation bias and dubious news have left us siloed and suspicious, and these social strategists will discuss how the halcyon days of civil conversation can be restored.
Shaw Bowman ▪︎  Charlie Capen ▪︎  Alex Deve ▪︎  Caleb Gardner ▪︎  Kristen Howerton

Saturday Afternoon

I Am Not A Rock
When one parent is a family’s sole source of emotional stability, either alone or in a couple, the burden can take a heavy toll. Self-care makes you a better caregiver, and these dads will discuss the best resources for maintaining your stamina and your sanity, as well as the best alternatives when none of those is an option.
Daniel De Guia  ▪︎  Dwayne Hayes  ▪︎  Scotty Schrier  ▪︎  Matt Sweetwood

Intend to Blend: Mingling the Modern Family
If there’s anything more challenging than uncoupling one family, it’s recoupling with another. Our panelists have been through both, and they’ll discuss their insights into what has worked, what hasn’t, and how they persevered to ultimately find happiness again. (With Brady Bunch references kept to an absolute minimum.)
Jen Busfield  ▪︎  Paul Martin  ▪︎  Sean Singleton

The Overdue Arrival of Gay Dads
Marriage equality, pop culture portrayals, and appearances in big-budget advertising have helped gay fathers emerge as viable brand partners. Our panelists will share some LGBT Q&A about their experiences as industry players, their trajectories for further success, and the challenges that still impact their livelihoods.
Brent Almond  ▪︎  Mitch Chaitin  ▪︎  Adam Domian  ▪︎  Jim Joseph  ▪︎  Joël Lëoj

Ready For Your Close-Up?
As video options proliferate on social media, content creators are looking to add personal broadcasts to their platforms. But before you devise your perfect marketing strategy, the thing has to look good. Whether you have a full crew or just your phone, these pros will share how to create the best production values.
La Guardia Cross  ▪︎  Kathryn Dickson  ▪︎  Mike Granek  ▪︎  Jason Kravits  ▪︎  Meredith Masony

Teaching Tolerance: Where Implicit Bias Begins
Implicit bias has become a key part of the national dialogue on race and gender in America, and each of us can be oblivious to the subconscious discriminations that exist within our institutions. Parents and educators are collaborating to call these biases out and confront them, so we can avoid passing them on to our kids.
Mike Adamick ▪︎  Creed Anthony ▪︎ Tshaka Armstrong ▪︎ Kelly Wickham Hurst ▪︎ Christian Lee

What Can I Say? The Uncertain Path to Advocacy
In the age of outrage, lending your platform to a cause can provoke a negative reaction from opponents and allies alike. And if involvement leaves you leery, the choice to stay neutral can be just as costly. Our panelists, who come from a wide spectrum of experience and tactics, will discuss the ways forward, with no “splaining” allowed.
Carter Gaddis ▪︎  Aaron Gouveia ▪︎  Julian Ivey-Caldwell ▪︎  Tommy Riles ▪︎  Kevin Zelenka