Join us Saturday morning for the Russell Run 2.0

Doug FrenchAnnouncements

As we announced earlier this month, Official Sponsor Russell is hosting our very first Russell Run 2.0 on Saturday morning! This is happening for two reasons:

  • We had this crazy idea that some guys might like the idea of a 2.5-mile run in the early-morning California sunshine; and
  • Russell wants you to put their quality performance gear through its paces, so you can see for yourself how comfortable, durable, and stylish it is.

Russell knows we all grew up on some playing field or another, either practicing the values of team sports or just burning off excess energy on your own. And now that you’re a dad, not much has changed. Whether you’re chasing down toddlers, mulching your lawn, or fitting in some hoops on a Saturday morning, you’ve figured out that the most important team you’ll ever play for is your family.

You, my friend, are a Dadlete. And Russell will be there to help keep you performing at your Dadletic best.

See you Saturday morning!