Plum Organics encourages an unfiltered look at parenting

Doug French2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

We dads love it when brands take us seriously as caregivers, so we’re very happy to welcome a brand synonymous with nourishment—Plum Organics—to our Sponsor family for Dad 2.017. Plum Organics has made its mark as the nation’s top organic baby food brand that offers a complete line of premium, nutritious, and organic foods and snacks for kids of all ages.

Plum Organics also has a long history of actively engaging with parent bloggers through their “Parenting Unfiltered” campaign. And as a modern brand co-founded by a dad, Plum Organics takes a refreshingly diligent amount of care to represent moms and dads equally in their programming.

Plum Organics is looking to add to its Plum Parents ambassador program with dad influencers who aren’t afraid to discuss fatherhood through a more unfiltered lens. We hope you’ll stop by their booth to discuss what their terrific brand is about, and to learn about an exciting new campaign rolling out early next month. (More on that soon!)

It’s always a big deal when a major parenting brand engages with dads in so many meaningful ways; show ’em some love on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!