LEGO Systems Inc. is back … in black*!

Doug FrenchAnnouncements

(* And sometimes very, very dark grey.)

By now, you’re as accustomed to seeing the LEGO team at Dad 2.0 as you are an overflowing bin of their iconic bricks in your kid’s toy shelf—and/or scattered all over the floor.

This year, LEGO Systems and Dad 2.0 are taking advantage of a little cinematic serendipity, as our conference corresponds with the opening weekend of The LEGO Batman Movie. So, as we conclude Dad 2.017, they will not only be a big part of our closing reception (showing off the new LEGO Batman building sets) they are also inviting us to join them to see the movie on Saturday night!

Tickets are limited, and will be assigned first-come, first-served; click here to RSVP no later than Monday, February 6; we will let you know before the conference if you scored a ticket!

Welcome back LEGO Systems! If anyone can help us peek under the cowl and discover Batman’s inner father figure, it’s you.