San Diego on Sunday: Go!

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UPDATE: If you’re hanging around the area on Sunday (and we recommend you do), we’ve arranged transportation to a couple of nearby attractions we think you’ll really enjoy! We’ve also arranged pick-up times (see below) for both activities. Each activity can accommodate 30 people, so please use the links below to sign-up for the activity of your choice.

Hike Torrey Pines

At 9am, a complimentary shuttle will depart the Hyatt for the top of Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve, and we’ll provide entrance to the park as well as tour guides to lead you on a three-mile hike through some of the nation’s most beautiful landscape. The shuttle returns at noon; bring some proper shoes, your water bottle, and of course, your camera! Sign-up now!

Seal Cove and Shopping in La Jolla Village

At 10am, a complimentary shuttle will depart the Hyatt for the quaint and historic La Jolla Old Town village. View the legendary Children’s Pool, where hundreds of seals have made the beach area their own. Then climb the hill to the La Jolla Village town center, where you’ll find quaint shopping and restaurants. Bring your wallet, so you can grab a bite or pick up that last-minute souvenir for your family. The return shuttle leaves at 1:00pm. Sign-up now!

Please be mindful of your time and catch the return shuttles as scheduled. Obviously, it will be easy enough to arrange your own transportation from La Jolla Village should you choose to do so, but Torrey Pines may be quite a bit trickier.