FoF: Counting down to NOLA ’18

dad2summit2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, Fatherhood on Friday

Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors of Dad 2.017, lend us your ears! The sixth Dad 2.0 Summit is committed to history, and we couldn’t be more pleased, inspired, and downright jazzed about the entire experience. Thanks to each of you, whether you braved extraordinary travel disruptions and came to San Diego or just followed along online, for helping to promote the forward motion of fatherhood.

So let’s do it again!

The seventh Dad 2.0 Summit has been announced, and as we gear up for our triumphant return to New Orleans (and the exact stage where, in 2011, we first announced that the Dad 2.0 Summit would be a thing), we want to invite each of you to join us. We’ve sold nearly half of our tickets, so please watch this space (and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for when we reopen the ticket window, and launch the site for booking your Ritz-Carlton experience for only $199 per night. (WHAT?!?)

In the meantime, while we were all gathered in San Diego talking about the world through our fatherhood lens, the world kept spinning. Here are some things that careened about its orbit:


Did you know that Minecraft can make your kid a better person? It’s a theory.

Over 400 fathers, grandfathers, and students put away 50 dozen donuts. We like that ratio.

How are your kid’s Ninja Warrior skills? They can get better!

Our friends at 8BitDads have created the to get kids involved in charity, and we like it!

The new challenge for the father of a 4-year-old, after all her singing success, is to guard his daughter’s childhood.

American Girl is releasing their first boy doll, and it’s not an action figure!

Golfer Billy Hurley pens a long letter to his dad to forgive him for committing suicide.

The evolution of parenting: “It also rewires the parents’ brain.” We knew it.

We’re big fans of , celebrating boys for brave choices and being well-rounded individuals.


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