FoF: Dropping the Needle

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When you think of songs about fatherhood, all too often the first to come to mind is Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle. Which, for most of us, is the parent’s ultimate cautionary tale, the soundtrack of regret over parenting moments not best met. There are other songs for dads to hum along to, of course, and some of them are certified tear-free! Uplifting, even!

Since Beleaf was one of our short-form keynoters at Dad 2.017 (which took place during the Grammys, btw), we thought that now, with the world in shades of thaw and chaos, perhaps a song might do some good.

For instance, how about Dat Dere? Oscar Brown, Jr.’s take on the inquisitive toddler phase we all know?

Or Zach Gill’s wonderful combo of Watch Them Grow and Family?

Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely, obviously.

The indelible sweetness Loudon Wainwright III’s Daughter.

Ben Folds’ tribute to his daughter, Gracie.

And last, but not least, John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy.

Check these out and add them to your daddy playlist! And by all means, let us know about your favorites, since we know this little list has only scratched the surface. (DAD JOKE!)


Fact: Emotionally fulfilled boys grow into better men.

This story of a wrestling star stepping away to care for his ailing father is the right stuff: “His dad’s well-being meant more to him than any athletic accolades.”

“Superman has dealt with aliens and Kryptonite, but raising a family is a new kind of challenge.” Ya think?

Talking to kids about a parent’s cancer is never easy, especially when there isn’t a lot of time left.

Kudos to the Tampa dads who have created a way to help save the lives of children left in hot cars.

As the Snapchat IPO makes headlines, it looks like it’s the moms and dads who are keeping the user base afloat.

Detained 30 days and threatened with deportation, a father is allowed to return home because “his family needs him.”

If your kid feels peer pressure to make a bad choice, this “X-Plan” gives him or her a way out.

Bravo, Italy! For the first time two gay partners have been legally recognized as fathers of surrogate children.


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