FoF: The Earth Exhales

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Father and son fishing

They say Spring is a time for hearts of fancy, rebirth and allergies—the tales of the twitterpated. It is all those things, and then some, but we live in a time when such things are lost to the constant cycle of news, politics, and vitriol. After all, how can we enjoy our children’s present when we so often get lost in preparing for their future?

When it’s difficult to enjoy the vernal equinox in a climate that often seems so equinoxious, we remember that Spring is when photosynthesis returns to the massive land masses of the northern hemisphere, and the Earth exhales.

There will always be fights to be fought, but we never forget why we rumble, and for whom. As we build for a better tomorrow, let’s be careful not to stomp headlong over all our todays.

Spring is here. Breathe it out.


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Since taking over as coach of the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, Geno Auriemma has 11 national championship rings, and his teams have won 109 games in a row. At this press conference, he dropped some sound advice for kids and parents: Play hard, not “cool.”

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