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Easter eggs

Today, on Good Friday, we speak in praise of eggs. They symbolize rebirth (they’re even the first syllable of our egg-sistence), yet they cannot fulfill their existential purpose without extraordinary care. They can be colorized, weaponized, and McMuffinized. And when filled with nondescript yellow and white sugarfoam, they can be rendered irredeemably gross.

Eggs are precious, which is why we are warned not to store them all in one place. Yet Springtime bombards us with more school activities than we can count: Spring Break schedules, basketball AND hockey playoffs (plus new grass on the field), allergies, and lawns to mow. That’s a lot of eggs to juggle, and we need as many hands as possible to hold the stuff that our kids are too tired to carry. (Seriously, BabyBjörn should look into the basket market.)

We hope today is a good Good Friday (or just an ordinary good Friday) for you and all the little eggs in your basket. With plenty of dad yolks.


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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Brian Gordon‘s Fowl Language Comics—they’re just so darn relatable. He fits a lot in a frame, and rather than make you read a whole paragraph equating that to eggs in his basket, which we could totally do, we’ll just share this, because Easter:

And the five second rule sorta goes out the window, too.

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