FoF: Equal Parenting, We Presume

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On April 16th, Dad 2.0 Summit celebrated our birthday–the anniversary of when our co-founders stood on the dais at the close of the 2011 Mom 2.0 Summit (at the exact venue we’ll be returning to next February), and announced that Dad 2.0 would be a thing. And since we’ve been a thing, when people ask about our core goals, we’ve said something like, “The image of Dad has swung from faultless to clueless. We just want to bring the perception back to the middle, where it belongs.”

Among media portrayals, it’s one (very big) thing to see the “dumb dad” trope laid mostly to rest. But when things get legislative, things get real. And that’s what just happened in the great, bourbon-soaked state of Kentucky, where temporary child custody orders, which begin most divorce negotiations, create “a presumption of joint custody and equal parenting time” between both parents.

The law passed unanimously in both houses before Gov. Matt Bevin signed it, and we’re just plain elated to see a law inspired by the need for kids of divorce to see both parents as much as possible. Especially when we can emphasize equal rather than shared (which, as North Dakota is finding out, is not the same thing).

Thank you, Kentucky, for acknowledging dads as important caregivers. Best. Birthday present. EVAR.


A handful of headlines this week centered around The New England Patriots:

  • A tragic life ended with the suicide of Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of terrible things; the photo of him blowing a kiss to his 4-year-old daughter carried its own layer of sadness.
  • The team visited the White House minus Alan Branch and Devin McCourty, who said they didn’t want to explain to their young children why they would shake the hand of a man they disagree with so profoundly.
  • Coach Bill Belichik, who utters about 11 syllables per year, opened up about the lessons he learned from the challenges his dad faced.


If peeing your pants is cool, consider this dad Miles Davis (bonus points if you get the film reference).

How does surviving a mass shooting affect your parenting? He’s about to find out.

Prince Harry on the toll of grief and his want for children.

This story about a boy in a wheelchair and his dad at the skate park is what it’s all about.

The word is out: Double standards suck (in parenting and other).

Moms deserve identities outside of their kids, and dads deserve to be held to a higher standard.

Are Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals?” and other questions only a 3-year-old could ask.

This dad posed for his own “maternity” photos, and, well, you just have to see for yourself.


Andy Warhol once said something about a future in which everyone will experience 15 minutes of worldwide fame. Well, the future is now, adjusted for the internet. Welcome to the show, BBC kids.

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