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New fathers are familiar with the healing power of a pat on the back. And this week, dads got few that hit the proverbial spot.

Back in February, we were proud to welcome Dove to speak with fathers about their new Baby Dove line, and the resulting ad (featuring Dad 2.o alumnus La Guardia Cross and his daughter, above) debuted this week. We don’t have to tell you (but we sure as hell will) how great it is not only for a major women’s brand to seek input from modern dads about a product designed to help care for babies, but to act on that input in a very encouraging way. We think it’s a great spot, and we’re proud of our role in it, because it recognizes that every person tasked with raising a kid needs the confidence to do it, and it acknowledges that all types of people are facing the same challenges.

Congratulations also to our good friends (and Dad 2.017 National Media Partner) Fatherly, who won this year’s Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting Site. That’s not some token dad-specific sub-category, by the way. That’s straight-up parenting, as in dads being considered equals in the parenting space.

And finally, congratulations are also in order to all the nominees (including all five in the new “Best Dad Blog” category) for this year’s Iris Awards, to be held at the Mom 2.0 Summit two weeks from today!

So overall, we’re feeling pretty good. Kind of like that first burp after an excellent meal.


The 17th annual “A Day With Dad” benefited Reach-a-Child, which helps first responders reach children in crisis.

The effects of stay-at-home fatherhood: transformative, grueling, and completely worth it.

For fathers and sons, understanding each other is the true hero’s journey.

“Children are allergic to being coerced into activities that they aren’t . . . interested in.” – Meghan Leahy

Single dads gathering to support each other is the first such group in the US air forces in Europe.

“As parents, we sometimes feel helpless because it’s impossible to solve our children’s problems.” – Sheryl Sandberg

The kids in the #BBCDad video are now animated super-spy detectives. Because of course they are.

Are animals better parents than humans? We’ve heard it both ways.

Holy themed baby announcements, Batfans! This is how you tell Gotham your expecting


The new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” based upon Jay Asher’s book, is generating a lot of conversation among teens, parents, educators, and the mental health community. “13 Reasons Why” is full of possible triggers, focusing as it does on the suicide of a teen girl. Whether you think every teenager should watch it, or none should, we think it’s important to speak to kids about depression and suicide. Please take a look at Teen Line’s “13 Reasons Why: Help for Parents and Educators” for talking points and lots of useful information.

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