FoF: Fear, Grief, and Other Manly Things

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It’s easy to take it all for granted. We recognize kindred spirits, frazzled caricatures of our childless selves, stained with life and the constant splash of it, and we use it for small talk, the bonds of the bending.

We do not want for perspective. We would not wish it on anyone. Perspective is the break in our illusion, forcing us to stop the sprint and acknowledge how fortunate we really are, and also that we’re loving it. Perspective means that others are not so lucky.

Yet, perspective cuts deeper, and that is hardly fair. Take the experience of Royce and Keri Young (shown above), their bravery in the shadow of certain loss, and the sadness that they will always carry. They took the worst of what the world can offer and found a ray of hope within it, inspirational, astounding and filled with an endless sea of anguish. We won’t do them the disservice of recapping it here, because it deserves both your time and your attention. Theirs is more than just a link.

Cut to the incredibly moving monologue (below) from Jimmy Kimmel, who spoke through tears before millions of viewers on the thin line of tragedy he had walked with his wife upon the sudden diagnosis of heart disease in their newborn son. His was fatherhood, raw and wounded, forged in trial and those moments within a moment that we never seem to notice. His family faced the things that nobody should, and it changed him. That’s the scar of perspective, and he showed his to all of us.

Why do we pair their stories here? This is not a lesson in comparative contrast. Nor are we reaching for the clichés that always follow sharings of a nature—the “hold your kids tight” or “count your blessings” of Facebook fodder. Rather, this is to express our gratitude to both of these men for the strength it took to express their emotions in the manners they did. These are as selfless acts of courage as any of us has any right to witness, and we thank them for it and wish them well.

It’s easy to take it all for granted. We think it better not to.


Nick Cave’s essay on death, grief, and living is a heartbreaking thing.

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Yesterday (May 4th) was Star Wars Day, and today is Cinco de Mayo. As far, far away as dad jokes go, these two are in a galaxy all their own.

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Featured/top photo: Royce and Keri Young