The 4th Annual Iris Awards: The Shue Fits

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It’s Tuesday morning, and many of us are suffering through our annual Mom 2.0 Summit hangovers. If you couldn’t make it to Orlando, we hope you were able to follow along on Facebook Live, or scroll through the Instagram feed, or just bask in the thrum of love waves emanating from the JW Marriott ballroom while the winners received their lissome statuettes.

The evening began with the now-fundamental announcement of this year’s surprise emcee, Andrew Shue, who looked as youthful and unchanged from his Melrose Place years as the above photo suggests. We applaud whatever combination of hyperbaric unicorn plasma baths and/or Faustian bargains that have preserved this man throughout his 50 (!) years.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our friend John Dominguez, who took a very touching, personal tack to describe how the importance of the parent community in his life has led to Kia’s ascendance to Premier Sponsor of the event. It conjured memories of a similar confession from Unilever’s Rob Candelino, at Dad 2.012 in Austin, just after his son was born.

We were up and out of our seats a lot that night, because the community selected so many friends—Isabel Kallman, Asha Dornfest & Christine Koh, Wendi Aarons, Meredith Sinclair, Amanda Magee, and more—whose work we admire. Dads were honored in four of the 15 categories, including the first-ever Dad Blog of the Year to Mitch Chaitin of Gay NYC Dad. Life of Dad won Best Sponsored Content for its winsomely ubiquitous #CheerioChallenge, and the Best Parenting VLOG went to newcomer La Guardia Cross. And the cream in our éclair was surely the Philanthropic Work of the Year award to the #Dads4Kesem walkers and the new Camp Kesem slated to open at the University of Maryland.

We’re grateful to everyone who voted for us (and for the other four extraordinary nominees in the Philanthropy category), to the groups that supported each day’s journey (How To Be A Dad, City Dads Group, the National At-Home Dad Network, Life of Dad, and Doyin Richards), and to the Mom 2.0 Summit team for yet another grand night among the bloggerati that continues to set a standard we love to chase.

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of dads at Mom 2.018 in Pasadena, California. If you haven’t attended a Mom 2.0 Summit yet, you’re going to want to see what the ladies cook up for their tenth anniversary.