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Sunday was Mother’s Day, a day of celebratory brunches and handcrafted what-nots, plus a whole spectrum of emotions, ranging from deep sadness to silly dances and all the cards in-between. We hope each of you kept the day as you best saw fit. And for those of you returning home from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Orlando, we trust re-entry welcomed you with tiny, open arms (actual arms may vary).

A week ago, many of us congregated at the J.W. Marriott for the fourth annual Iris Awards, hosted by Andrew Shue (above). If you weren’t able to attend or follow along, here’s a quick recap of the glamming and jamming and ka-BLAMming of another great night out. The Irises have spent four years honoring the best work in the online parenting space, and each year it’s been great to showcase how amazing that space is.

We’re also very grateful to have been part of the Dads4Kesem Walk, which received this year’s Philanthropic Work of the Year Award. You can read more about that below.


Our condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Chris Cornell, loving father and rock icon, on the news of his death by suicide in Detroit on Wednesday night.

Is “no” in your parenting toolbox? Scott Sonenshein reminds us why it belongs.

A new study suggests that a child’s chances of being born with autism increase by 33% when the father’s IQ is 111 or above. While another new study reveals that active fathers can moderate the negative effects of maternal depression in families with young children.

In the UK, McDonald’s heavy attempt at pulling heartstrings may have jumped the Filet-O-Fish.

It’s not just genes; the way a dad behaves around his daughters strongly affects how they view “risky sexual behavior.”

Shell, the oil and gas company, is establishing a new global “minimum standard of 16 weeks paid maternity [parental? family?] leave,” which includes dads and adoptive partners.

Kasey Edwards asks, “Is our definition of an “involved dad” so pathetic that text message prompts are considered progress?”

Is your kid an introvert? That’s okay. Embrace it, and help them thrive.

When men have a purpose in the delivery room it calms our nerves and helps us realize our importance.


You may recall last summer, when a group of online dads undertook a purely philanthropic path on behalf of a fallen friend and a wonderful charity, and wondered what became of it. This: Because of the efforts and donations of those of you who followed along on our 97-mile trek along Hadrian’s Wall, Dads4Kesem raised the funds to start a new Camp Kesem chapter that thousands of kids will attend. Thank you for that, and thank you for the Iris Award acknowledging the all of it.

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Top photo (original): Freddy Castro via Unsplash