FoF: Culmination and Circumstance

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According to modern semantics, “graduation” has given way to “culmination,” what with life being a series of peaks and valleys, and so forth. Whatever you want to call it, somebody somewhere is probably flinging a mortarboard and/or posing with a certificate among sobbing relatives. As school years end, and all we parents can do is hope that the tools and lessons we’ve provided to get our children this far will help get them farther (and preferably farther out of the house).

This weekend is also Memorial Day, when, among the burgers and mattress sales and triumphant debuts of white pants, we honor the sacrifice of our fallen military members. Whenever we tweet about a military dad surprising his kids after he’s been sent home, we think of the many other dads who never make it back.

We can also be thankful that, as Father’s Day approaches, seeing “Dads & Grads” (or “Dads & … Culms”?) shunted together at the far end of the greeting card aisle is no longer a thing. Fatherhood and scholarly achievement are special enough to celebrate separately … except when they’re not.


Summer vacation is a great time to redefine the rules of online use for your family.

Caring for an aging parent at the end of their life should be more about the life, and less about the end.

Are you sharing your parenting fantasy on social media or an honest reality?

Anyone can have a stroke, even a 16-year-old. Thanks to her dad’s quick thinking, she still made it to prom.

C’mon, man. Families are families.

Director Zack Snyder has stepped away from filming Justice League after his daughter’s suicide, and we can only imagine the grief his family is still trying to process.

Did you know the vitamin D in your system affects your kid’s physical development before age 5?

Sports are fun, and kids should know it.

Should we constantly monitor our kids just because we can?

Changing diapers is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.

Another great piece about dads and post-natal depression: “It doesn’t matter if it’s rational; when you’re too scared to leave the house, you don’t.”

Storytelling is a life skill, and our kids need it.


The start of summer means that Father’s Day is right around the corner. Also, ice cream. What better way to celebrate them both than with our friend Rick Fauquet? Recently, he made his debut appearance on his local ABC affiliate as the ice cream man. Stop him when he’s passing by.

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