FoF: Let’s Play Seven

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Hockey Island

It’s June, and social media is flush with Father’s Day Fever! More on that below.

In the meantime: If we learned anything from Pixar’s Inside Out, it is the importance of hockey. (Also, don’t put broccoli on your pizza.) This week, we’re in that sweet spot when both the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals are underway, and sports fans can immerse themselves in slappers and wristers and alley-oops at the highest level.

While we watch the games together, we also see the players bonding with their own children—sometimes instead of playing. Watching sports with our kids provides natural cues for big family conversations, about teamwork, endurance, sportsmanship, fitness, competition, and/or erectile dysfunction (yes, the commercials play a role, too). The topics are presented as real-time examples, albeit sweaty. Watching athletes as involved fathers inflates their images as all-stars, and convinces us that every dad who plugs into family life deserves a shoe deal.

Which might explain why Steph Curry’s “dad shoes” are selling like gangbusters.


The myriad modern definitions of “family” make the world a better place for everyone.

Every dad has a story. The best find joy amid suffering.

George Will thinks the future is in our past.

Prince William deals with grief and wishes his kids could meet their grandmother, who has been gone nearly 20 years.

Over the last decade, Ride for Dad riders have raised over $600,000 for prostate cancer research. And they looked completely badass.

Kids should feel safe to be who they are culturally and in terms of their sexuality.

Teach kids to embrace risk and watch them develop mad knife skillz.

This dad did the right thing to be a good example for his daughter, and everyone else in the world.

Kids aren’t the only people learning lessons from youth sports.



Earlier this week, several Dad 2.0 Summit-affiliated menfolk worked with Dads 4 Change to write posts supporting Planned Parenthood and attempted to shift the conversation from the reductive debate about abortion (which the government is already prohibited from funding) to the salient facts about health care, and how the AHCA hits women the hardest.

These were all sponsored posts, but we’re including them here because they also reflect each man’s individual opinion that, when women are disproportionately disadvantaged, men need to help call it out. We hope you can relate in some way to what these guys are saying, but if not, no big whoop. We’re all friends here.


Father's Day gift

You may have noticed that yesterday was June 1. (Yes, already.) That means Father’s Day is officially on deck, and you may be wondering what to get the dad(s) in your life. Never fear: On the official Dad 2.0 Summit Twitter page, we’ll be sharing a number of unique gift guides for Sunday, June 18. And not all of them will involve shopping.

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Photos: John Salvino/Unsplash (top); Annie Spratt/Unsplash (bottom)