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Comey Senate Testimony

When former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, he expressed his belief that the entire process was important, especially for kids “to see we are a functioning adult democracy.” He wasn’t wrong.

If your kids have been anywhere near the news, they’ve seen elected U.S. officials acting like anything but adults. From all the yelling, name-calling, threats, and alternative facts that are far more schoolyard bullying than government leadership, we’d understand if the next generation of voters wrote off American politics as a burlap sack full of honey badgers and rattlesnakes. To that end, the majority of Comey’s public testimony went a long way to assure parents and children alike that there is structure, there is a process, and there is room for more of us to get involved.

The media praised the committee members for acting in a coherent, professional manner. That’s a great lesson for anyone, but the idea of heaping praise upon Senators for acting like they’re supposed to act hits a little close to home. Because they, like an active, involved dad, were just doing their job, a thing to be expected, not lauded like a Yeti sighting.

Putting our best foot forward, allowing the next generation to see the benefits of their parents and leaders functioning as responsible adults (in any forum), is an important example that should be normalized, not highlighted.

We will always testify to that.


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This is happening right now and you can be part of it. (Actual “right now” may vary.)

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