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As Father’s Day (and Father’s Eve!) approach, we’re thinking of the many places our minds inhabit when the third Sunday in June rolls around.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who’s scored some couch time with the U.S. Open on, a newborn asleep on his chest, and both a beer and the remote within reach.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who doesn’t know his kids. Who has been estranged by a vindictive former partner or who panicked and ran, and who wants more than anything to take that moment back and re-enter his kids’ lives but can’t figure out how to start.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who just hauled a carload of college stuff back home, where it will stay until his kid figures out the answer to “Now, what?”

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who knows his marriage is over but thinks hanging on is the only way to stay in his kids’ lives.

Happy Father’s Day to the man for whom fatherhood has fulfilled him in ways he could never have predicted, who can’t remember what his life was like before he had children and doesn’t want to try.

Happy Father’s Day to the stay-at-home dad who finds a brick wall when he tries to interact with moms and nannies on the playground.

Happy Father’s Day to the men who were berated, abused, or ignored by their fathers and are determined to break the cycle.

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who was able to take today off and make grilled cheeses to celebrate the last day of Middle School.

Happy Father’s Day to the nonresidential dad who devotes every day to making sure his kids know he may have moved out, but he’s not going anywhere.

Happy Father’s Day to every dad in the passenger seat of a car going 75mph with his 15-year-old at the wheel, and every dad who’s spent the last few weeks peeing on floating Cheerios in the toilet.

Happy Father’s Day to anyone who buried their dad this year and fears this Sunday will break their heart all over again.

Happy Father’s Day to all the father figures—grandfathers, uncles, childless brothers-in-law, coaches, editors, teachers, bosses, mentors, friends, (Romans), clergymen and caregivers—whose charges won’t understand the impact of your encouragement for years to come.

And Happy Father’s Day to every dad with a story who is brave enough to share it.


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