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Does the mere mention of Health Care send shivers down your spine? Are shivers down your spine a pre-existing condition? Does your policy cover vertebral vibratosis? Is that even a thing? (It’s not.)

Health care has been a front-and-center concern for among parents for about as long as we’ve been parents, and this week saw the debate reinvigorated with the release of the Senate’s version of AHCA, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Funnily enough, for all the bipartisan screaming on Capitol Hill, that many people don’t necessarily think Better Care needs to be Reconciled; polls show the majority of Americans are against the House reform, and we’re bracing for more acrimony once the CBO scores the Senate’s version.

We’re watching the health care conversation particularly closely, because it’s central to a dad’s primary job of protecting our infants, our special-needs children, our elderly parents. From what we’ve seen, both proposed health care re-makes make it much harder for lower- and middle-class families to afford insurance—whether it be lack of tax incentives, higher deductibles, or the ever-lengthening list of pre-existing conditions we all surely have. This affects everyone, and we urge you, regardless of political affiliation or your final opinion on the proposed changes, to do your due diligence and learn more about the pros and cons being presented, and react accordingly. The health of American families is not something that any of us can afford to tune out.


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Author, host, and Dad 2.016 keynoter Brad Meltzer had the opportunity of a lifetime this week when he threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium [spoiler: he brought the heat]. And really, the only thing cooler than the pitch was the practice (below). Congrats, Brad!

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