FoF: The Journey and the Destination

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We’re often urged to savor The Journey, where the growth happens. The moments and memories, the unexpected and the unforgettable are all really hard to top. But what if The Destination is some super awesome location? We don’t think it’s fair to shame the endpoint at the expense of an amazing excursion. Remember, if getting there is half the fun, then being there must logically be the other half. And those two halves have a unique power to make us whole.

Welcome to summertime (in the Northern hemisphere, anyway), home of the world’s best vacations, when families are camping, hiking, flying, biking, cruising, driving, and traveling by map to slip the surly bonds of the ordinary. Whether you’re headed around the block or around the world for the upcoming four-day Fourth Of July weekend, a vacation lets the family vacate our normal space and inject a little Else (and with it, some empathy for how other people live) into our lives. Then you buy a t-shirt, maybe a magnet, and put the whole thing on Instagram so the rest of us can live vicariously. (Seriously, post some pics and tell us about your vacation. We love that!)

Dads rise to the challenge of family vacation. We’re thankful for the privilege of it, and we channel our inner Griswold like nobody’s watching. Dads take vacations personally. Perhaps it is because we understand, all too well, that our traveling companions are only temporary. Before long, their summers will be full of families of their own, and they, too, will look back at childhood excursions as we do, in a far better light than they probably felt at the time, and wishing we had seen and done more.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, but the hills are alive and adventure is out there. Just do it.


In a conservative society where women have few choices, Nahida Khan’s dad supported her despite the opposition.

Football star Martellus Bennett wanted kids to see characters that looked like them in children’s books, while setting an example for adults. So he made it happen.

Unlike the summertime blues, the summertime slide is curable.

We suspected as much: Very young children develop empathy when bonding with both parents.

We also suspected this: Parenting advice from “Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic countries” doesn’t apply to everyone.

We did not, however, suspect this: An extraordinary prank/surprise by a man’s four sons that was 18 months in the making.

Fatherhood is really in fashion. In fact, it is fashion.

What weighs more, a guy in a relationship or a single man? The answer may surprise you (but probably not).

This man knew that proposing marriage meant committing to a lifetime of fatherhood, so he proposed to be a daddy, too.


The Fourth of July is next week, and while most of the country will be knee-deep in hot dogs and fireworks, we think this Budweiser ad campaign with Folds of Honor and Adam Driver is a nice celebration of America, too.

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Photo: Whit Honea