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For too many men, the long, hot days of summer, filled as they are with the rewards of children furloughed from school, can be surprisingly stark with bare-bones loneliness. Every week, as we curate the content for this Fatherhood on Friday series, we see it: men seeking to supplant casual conversation with tangible, real-life friendship. We see it in our own lives, too, once we clock out, log off, and otherwise disconnect from what we pass as routine—before we step right into the next one, often confining our communication to small talk on the sidewalk for days, weeks, at a time.

Self-care is vital, and it doesn’t always mean treadmills and vitamins. Sometimes it means having someone to talk to. Social media platforms help us stay in touch, but they’re a hollow substitute for true IRL community. We at Dad 2.0 Summit are committed to facilitate that type of community, but it is up to all of us, as individuals, to take the steps necessary to promote strong, healthy relationships. They require work, attention, and a good deal of humor.

No man is an island, stoic though he may be, and we can only hope that more men find the time to step outside their comfort zone and connect with others in their neighborhood, place of worship, etc., to support each other, and be supported in kind. We all need that.


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Our bouncing, baby republic is 2,892 months old! #Happy4thofJuly

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Fact: Fatherhood is a biological and emotional sea change. Fun (possibly unrelated) fact: “Sea Change” is a fantastic Beck album.

Cultural/economic factors affect your kid’s brain development, but parental involvement conquers all.


You’ve already introduced your child to the musical stylings of the Beastie Boys, right? Of course you have. How could you not? In addition to sick beats, they can also tell you how to get to Sesame Street. Who knew? (We’re having way too much fun with this “Sesametage” mashup.)

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