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Say what you will about vacations and camp, but perhaps the real bonds of summer are formed around blockbusters—the hype and thrill of fun family films—and the memories thereof. Consider that camp and vacations are not things that everyone has had the opportunity (or desire) of experiencing, but most of us have at least one fond memory of movies from our own childhood; be it our first Disney film, seeing Star Wars at the drive-in, Goonies from the video store, all while eating a trough of popcorn and drinking sodas the size of our head.

While the marquee billings of the season are wonderful and worthy of our appreciation, they do not transcend across society the way a hit film does. Your friends may not have gone to the Grand Canyon, but they saw The Princess Bride, too, and that means you were all a part of it. That means it was a part of you.

Flash forward to now, movie releases dotting the calendar, and our children eager to connect them. There are few positive things that we collectively share with our kids like the anticipation and discussion surrounding new films. Superheroes and race cars, space travelers and wizards, they are on billboards, lunchboxes, and every other commercial. Our kids love them. We love them. And the fact that we can experience the wait and the watching together, the conversations in the car on the way home, or sprawled leg-tied upon the couch, warm with the windows open and credits still scrolling, there may not be a postcard involved, but that is summer at its finest. That is family fun, unlocked, popcorn and everything, with cellphones on silent and the promise of a sequel. That is the scene of summer, connecting us in a moment, then staying all the longer, sometimes forever.

That is a hit, and we give it two thumbs up.


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