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How’s your summer going? Or is it already gone? Whatever your schedule, and whatever you were able to see and do with your family, summer’s commonplace truth is: Blink and it’s over. Right about now, staring down the barrel of yet another Back-To-School barrage, we’d like to use our Spidey Senses to slow the summer down and savor these finite moments when kids can be kids.

In the coming weeks, we’ll surely discuss the school year, the football schedules, the vacation slides, and the Have You Started Your Homework Yets, but today, let’s live in the moment. With sand on our feet and new shoes on the horizon, let’s celebrate August 4, whatever it means now, and what it will mean when you look back on it. When you’re at that sweet spot between memories and milestones, you enjoy it more if you slow down and recognize it.


When his twins were born prematurely, this dad decided to embark on a rather sweet charity mission. Hint: It involves fundraising, bees, and his face.

A touching tale of a dad who visits his son’s grave twice a day: “I want him to know I haven’t forgot him.”

The kids are watching. Be the social media you want to see in the world.

We loved seeing  and  in this Disney Cruise video about family travel & stress-free fun.

Our social media man, the newly beardless Whit Honea, interviewed bestselling children’s author about kids, crayons, legends, and Star Wars.

The “Day with Dad” event is about “building back up that relationship between the parent and the child.”

Are parents too friendly with their kids? Or not enough?

Should kids get an allowance, or are we doing them a disservice?

It’s time to determine if our kids are learning the right life skills.

Celebrity dads getting it: Will Smith, Liev SchreiberA-Rod, Ryan Reynolds, and LeBron James editions, respectively.

What to expect when you’re a trans dad expecting.


We are big believers that art is life, and vice versa, and that you could replace either of those with fatherhood. Jonathan Jui, an Ohio-born, London-based cartoonist, gets it. Here are a couple of his cartoons (via Instagram) where everything comes together:

And it's always in the middle of a crosswalk too! 😡 _____________________ #GetOutOfMyWay #parentproblems #honestyhour

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Photo: Tim Mossholder, Unsplash