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It’s been another week of outright mayhem as our families process the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, that killed Heather Heyer and injured 19 others. We have a lot to say about that—about the tragedy of one father burying his daughter and another disowning his son—but if we made every Fatherhood On Friday column about political chaos, we’d quite readily lose our minds. So instead, we’re focusing this week on the support we seek and find in our community, in both our personal and professional endeavors.

(Yes, that was not the most streamlined segue you’ll ever read. But it’s done, so let’s push forward.)

The Online Dad Cadre is an amazing collection of entrepreneurs, writers, artists, inventors, actors, musicians, photographers, and so many more; some work professionally, some as hobbyists. When we see Summit alumni having a go at digital influencing by partnering with brands and organizations that find value with us, we get excited. As fantastic as these opportunities are, however, we’ve noticed that they don’t always garner the support they deserve from our colleagues.

That has to change. And when you get to the bottom of this post, we’ll let you know how we’re fixin’ to help change it.


Reading to your kids isn’t just about bonding and literacy. There’s also a health benefit, which is nice.

Got teen boys? Here are some tips on communicating through the vocabulary of emotion and other helpful ways to connect with the next generation of men.

This week, Dad 2.013 alumna Brené Brown gave a riveting Facebook Live talk about the importance of empathy and the danger of powerlessness. If you’re looking for the psychological insights into why sentiment is boiling over into the streets, it’s a must-see.

Woody Harrelson on time away from home: “It’s just not fair to my family. I’m not feeling very pleased with myself.”

Boys face societal pressures on body image, too.

A new BBC report looks at gender-specific toys, and how we often stereotype children.

A father who lost his daughter to a head injury has patented a mouth guard shown to reduce the risk of concussions.

Our friend Stewart “Brittlestar” Reynolds explains how the secret to 60 million views is when a brand matches up with a content creator and gets out of the way.

When millennial dads watch advertising, they want to see Dad as a savvy main character.


Now, here you are, at the end of the post! Are you excited yet? Wondering how we dads can redouble our efforts to get gigs, support our colleagues, and lift all boats? The answer is Into the Scrum, a new podcast created by Dad 2.0 Summit co-founder Doug French and Out With The Kids publisher Jeff Bogle! Take a listen, and if you’re picking up what these polymaths are throwing down, you can catch a new episode every Monday afternoon, starting with Episode 3 on August 21—which happens to be Eclipse Day!

So after the sun returns (if we are to assume that it will, because who knows at this point?), we hope you’ll check out our dadcast, and then offer a few Likes, comments, shares, and good old-fashioned dadbanter to the dads you see that are doing good work.

Then remind your kids that racism is bad.

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