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Once again, school bells are ringing, and our Instagram feeds are flooded with (mostly) smiling kids with backpacks, their crisp, new clothes (mostly) obscuring the scrapes and stains of summer. It’s officially back-to-school season, a bag of promise strapped on the collective backs of our offspring, uphill, both ways.

It also means there will be Christmas trees for sale by the end of this sentence.

Contrary to popular belief, our kids’ return to the temples of education is not all staged action shots of parents day-drinking and “making it rain” gift cards. For some stay-at-home dads, for example, the first day of school is a crossroads, a time of self-reflection and the loneliness of a schedule suddenly hollowed. How do you fill the new downtime? Housework? Hobbies? Side hustle? Friendships?

If school leaves you in an emotional quandary, think of how Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to flip the script. Rather than leap for joy as school ends, kids should save that elation for their first day back, when they can return to a daily regimen of “learning as their only job in life.” If we can keep that spark of curiosity alive in them, we can retain it for ourselves, and view any amount of down time as an opportunity to learn the lessons that life never stops assigning us.

After all, life is just high school with money.


Thanks to Jordan Watson (How To Dad), no one ever needs to make another baby announcement on Facebook.

Encouraging kids to follow their dreams isn’t rocket science, but it can be. Hint: Get NASA involved.

“An important part of parenting young adults is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.” – Eric Zorn

We’ve all seen the signs, but Justin Simard got the validation.

This dad is taking family vacations one kid at a time, and it is all about the bonding.

“I’m going to take advantage of Facebook’s option to take [family] leave in parts.” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Have you ever asked your kids for advice? Perhaps you should.

Now that many of our kids are back in school, here are some important tips about parent-teacher interaction.

In the interest of public health, dads need to be involved with their kids well before they are born.


Fact: We are suckers for quality advertising that highlights fatherhood, and Windex knows it, apparently. Watch this, and your windows may not be streaked, but your face will be (in a good way).

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