FoF: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, Even the Internet Kind

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Longtime readers of this weekly column know that, first and foremost, we’re all about dad news. And we’ll cop to skewing our coverage to the positive, in an attempt to counterbalance the disproportionate coverage of the clickbaity disasters and debacles that tend to overstay their limited welcome on our screens.

We want to showcase the dad who turned his kid’s bed into a Millennium Falcon cockpit. The dad with the right idea about how to talk to his daughter’s boyfriends. The dad who walked 800 miles to raise money for the charity that supported his family while doctors repaired the hole in his son’s heart.

Cool stories, right?

Today, we’re thinking of (and inspired by) people like our friend Karen Walrond, who continues to make light while she and her husband muck out their ruined, post-Harvey home. The world is full of fires and floods, politics and pitfalls, harries and horrendous headlines. And while that tends to overwhelm our attention, there is also plenty of kindness to find, if you choose to look for it. Or better yet, to make it.

Case in point: Last week we learned that the father of BBC soccer (football) commentator Gary Lineker has passed away, and what started as a simple offering our condolences to a complete stranger turned into a conversation, then a community, of warm words and well-wishes.

For a whole day, our Twitter feed was full of kindness, and while the reason was a sad one, the massive, collective response was heartfelt. We felt it. We may have even needed it.

Our corner of the Internet is a small one, but in it we like to pack all the happiness it will hold. Sometimes it holds more than you think, and we like to think our community works every day to build capacity.


Stat fact: Since 1972, the average age of new fathers in the U.S. has risen from 27 to 31.

A new study finds men’s testosterone levels may predict postpartum depression risks for them and their partners.

Millennial dads feel the need to move out of “traditional” roles, perhaps by becoming SAHDs (as 21% are).

Everybody loves an origin story. Here’s how our friends at City Dads Group got their superpowers.

A riddle: How can you raise “capable, independent humans” when the government says kids under 10 must be supervised?

From the “We Always Suspected” file: a new study says fathers are as important as mothers in developing a child’s attachment security.

A Maryland judge ruled that a meaningful relationship with an infant’s dad is more powerful than two extra days of breast milk.

Literature features many dads who provide compelling character studies and lessons on how (and how not) to parent.

Looking for fatherhood advice that crosses the aisle? Ben Terris shares it from top politicians.

Celebrity dads are just like us. Even George Clooney: “I’m excited to see who these two people are going to be in life.”


We thought this video, featuring the five living former presidents, was a good bookend to our opening. In it, the presidents have come together to highlight kindness in the wake of hard, sad times. Their message concerns victims of Hurricane Harvey, but with Hurricane Irma about to make landfall, and Jose and Katia not far behind, it will certainly apply there, too.

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