FoF: No One Knows What It’s Like To Be the SAHD Man

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In a creepy bit of temporal synergy this week, the Autumn Equinox has coincided with our Speaker Equinox (otherwise known as the halfway point of this year’s Call For Speakers and Ideas). And the ideas you’ve submitted during this first half–about where we fit in the world as influencers, fathers, and men–have been just what we’re looking for. You’ve all read these Submission Tips and done your homework, and the results have been gangbusters.

One of the more prominent ideas on many people’s minds is the state (and the fate) of stay-at-home dads. We’ve seen mention, for example, that their numbers are tailing off, because the novelty has worn off and/or parenting is hard. We won’t dispute either of those premises (or defend the weenies who shy away from parenting as a challenge), but numerical data points about stay-at-home fatherhood really don’t interest us. In the end, the How is much more important than the How Many.

Alongside work-at-home dads, work-outside-the-home dads, and live-outside-the-home dads, stay-at-home dads comprise one colorful plate in the stained-glass window of fatherhood. We’re all working toward encouraging and enhancing our roles in our kids’ lives, and the SAHDs are on the front lines, taking on childcare at its most elemental level. And based on the conversations at last weekend’s HomeDadCon, where about 150 pioneering SAHDs gathered to proclaim their love for what they do, we think the How is in very good hands.

In the end, it doesn’t matter why any stay-at-home parent stays at home. Anyone who does deserves our undying respect, especially when they resolve to raise their kids the best way they can and remain committed to keep learning how to do it better.


To those who are celebrating, Happy New Year from Elie Wiesel’s son, who hopes to spread his message that “Every action you take should be one you want repeated the world over.

Bill Murray’s birthday wish from his six sons is Peace and Quiet. “All I want is you at your best — you making this an easier home to live in, you thinking of others.”

New fatherhood has profoundly visited George Clooney: “I cry four times a day right now, because I’m so tired.”

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian is experiencing that first bit of euphoria when it’s finally real: You’re someone’s dad.

Dads continue to struggle with work-family conflict, but no one is acknowledging it.

A dad wonders: How can you balance your core beliefs with those our culture imposes on us?

It’s important to recognize the time when your kids’ interests evolve beyond what you sign them up for.

Check out this particularly trenchant dad hackery from many of the online dads you’ve come to expect it from.

Her dad died three weeks after he introduced them, and now their child will bear his name.

Two facts: Dirk Nowitzki has a beautiful family that we don’t see very much. And jersey onesies are cool.


Thanks as always for your wonderful Speaker suggestions! When it comes to promoting both the established and emerging voices who has spoken with us over the years, we’re never above a good dad pun. So now that the band is leaving the field and the second half is about to start, moonwalk over here and let us know how we can make Dad 2.018 the best yet!

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