FoF: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Andy Williams’s voice is ringing in our ears this week, even though there’s not a Christmas tree in sight. This week, we officially kicked off the 2018 Dad 2.0 Summit Season with our annual Call For Speakers and Ideas, and we love the images of that football reaching the apex of its trajectory, and the frenzied activity that is set into motion when it falls back to earth.

The Dad 2.018 Call For Speakers and Ideas begins tomorrow! It's our favorite day of the year.

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To add even more pizzazz to the Dad 2.018-a-palooza, we also announced our first giveaway: a free Executive Suite upgrade at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans! And the randomly drawn winner of this marvelous, 700 sq. ft. living space, with its 10-foot ceilings, marble entrance foyer, and spacious living room, and five-fixture Italian marble master bath, was Canadian Dad‘s Chris Read! Congratulations, you lucky bugger.

This is our favorite time, when the rockslide of dad-specific passion pulverizes our inboxes. You guys make this job harder every year, and we love it.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about what we’re bringing to New Orleans (including at least one more of these spectacular Suite upgrades) over the coming months. We’re as excited as ever to bring Dad 2.018 to the building where is was born, so we’re ready to take the ball and run with it.


No matter how many books you read, you’ll make mistakes. Forgive yourself, learn from them, and move on.

Imagine having to deliver your baby and your wife’s placenta while  whipped outside your door.

Ty Burrell is America’s Dad, and he’s a lot cooler than you think.

Important advice from the front lines of influencing: Aaron Gouveia counsels to “know your audience, or you’ll have no audience.”

Ketchum’s Jim Lin: “Influencers excel at creatively weaving a brand’s message into content that appeals to their audience. So make that the deliverable.”

From the FTC: Required reading about rules for online influencers (including a punishment for misleading practices).

Mike Heenan used a sponsored piece about attending a Celebration of Life to admit his discomfort with death.

After crunching a wide spectrum of data, Wallet Hub has determined the best states in which to have a baby.

A father is standing up to his daughter’s middle school, which sent her home because of her clothing.

In the US, kids see an average of around 40,000 commercials a year. Is that a big deal?

Jeff Bogle knows that epic family vacations get much more complicated as the kids grow up.

One day, these lucky kids will have a beautiful record that their photographer father has kept of their childhood.

Though in their 60s, as long as there are traumatized kids who need fostering, these Australian dads will take them in.


And finally: For all of us who feel the generational disconnect on a daily basis, here’s a look at a kid who wasn’t quite sure how to listen to his dad’s cassette tapes. (Dude. It’s not a seashell.)

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