FoF: It’s a Small World, After All

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They say you can’t go home again, which, in some cases, is a fair point. However, what if home was where you made it, and throughout our assorted travels we were collecting more than magnets and t-shirts, but also a connectivity with one another that trumped the doubts and insecurities of too many generations?

This longing to connect, in a hyper-connected world that paradoxically can seem more disconnected than ever, is the reason that humanitarian aid spreads between borders, and people make the effort to live as global citizens who take care of our own in times of crisis.

There are lessons there, in the travel and the support system, that will shape our kids into the best possible future. They know what it means to need, to give and take help. They know what it means to see past the post card and into the lives that are living there.

Honestly, we can’t ask for much more than that—a world made smaller by the friendships created in our daily encounters, and the doing of great things together.

No pressure, dads, but sometimes you’re the only map they have. Luckily, we’re harder to fold than that.

Show your kids the world, no matter where you are, and we will all be better for it.


The Dad 2.018 Call For Speakers ends tonight! If you’ve been percolating your ideas during these last 18 days, now is the time to get them down and hit SUBMIT.

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New York Yankee Todd Frazier is making daily calls to the father the young girl who was injured when a foul ball off Frazier’s bat struck her.

A father’s counsel is crucial to help his daughter understand her complete autonomy over her body.

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