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Yesterday, the world experienced a Sports Equinox, when at least one game was played in all four major American professional sports leagues. It was touted as only the 17th such day in history. A blue moon, a unicorn, and Honus Wanger’s baseball card rolled into one. OK, whatever.

Ink has also been spilled about the resurgence in ratings for the baseball playoffs, since the final four teams hail from the country’s four biggest media markets.

We love sports (except, of course, when we don’t). We love the unscripted drama, especially when we’re watching our kids learn about pushing their own limits and trusting their teammates. Cynics may dismiss sports worship as merely rooting against the guy in the wrong shirt, but the competition becomes so much more when you dive deeper into the stories. Last year’s Cubs victory, for example, provided the kind of joyful catharsis that generations of fans thought they’d never see.

And this year, in the game that dethroned the champs, we have Kiké.

Enrique Hernandez didn’t command a lot of headlines this year. He batted .215 and in a record-setting year for home runs managed only 11. But last night, one day after he learned his father’s bone marrow transplant had pushed his cancer into remission, Kiké’s mom assured him she’d be watching Game 5 with his grandparents from his native Puerto Rico, on a TV powered by a generator. He told her he was going to hit a home run for her, and then he went out and hit three.

The Dodgers are in the Fall Classic now, awaiting the winner of the Yankees and Astros. Network executives may be rooting for the Yankees, but this year we’re partial to the Astros, who were swept out of the only World Series they’ve played in. The front of their shirts may represent an area that could use a post-Harvey morale boost, but we’ll still be paying attention to the stories about the names on the back.


Zoinks! It’s okay for kids to be scared of Halloween monsters.

And speaking of Halloween: Dads are hip to all of the social trending things!

Billy Joel is going to be a father for the third time at age 68, and he’s considering life as a stay-at-home dad.

A group of U.S. troops had a gender reveal for a fallen soldier’s baby.

Why are video games so bad at making good dads?

This week Scotland became the 52nd country to have made the physical punishment of children illegal.

For 24 years, the Wildwood Dads Club has annually raised thousands for the elementary school.

Target is introducing adaptive apparel offering features for children with special needs, and we think that’s fantastic.

These parents make elaborate Halloween costumes for their son every year that incorporate his wheelchair into the outfit, and they are awesome.


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Top photo: Screenshot from Dodgers Highlights