FoF: Everybody’s Workin’ For The Halloweekend

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Halloween is Tuesday, and in the modern tradition of making things last longer than they should (we’re looking at you, people who celebrate their “birthday months”), this is the weekend of IFC Michael Myersathons and social feeds flooded with bacchanalian cosplay. And ironically, a lot of us are retreating into frightkitsch to escape our real fears of what can often seem like a fearful reality.

There’s still something wonderful about neighborhood streets cloaked in cobwebs and costumes, and seeing our kids laugh through the chills, scream through the delights, and indulge in the sugar-sodden largesse. And when you consider that we spend so much time knocking on the doors of people’s homes (who even does that anymore?), Halloween night is one of the most intimate, neighborly evenings of the year. Which is exactly the kind of perspective we need to maintain our own sanity—grasping it tight like a pillowcase full of candy.

Kids love dressing up, and we love making them safe and happy (don’t forget about the Teal Pumpkin Project!). When the night allows a healthy dose of escapism, then everybody wins.


This week, we announced our first Dad 2.018 Sponsor, Clorox! (See below.) And if you really need to relax, why not buy your ticket and book your room for the conference? If you do so by midnight on Halloween (the Witching Hour!), you’ll be eligible to win a 50-minute Signature Treatment of your choice at the amazing Ritz-Carlton spa! That’s a pretty sweet treat.


Fact: Connected dads are healthier, better dads.

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Stepdads are dads, too.

Cultural norms can make divorce extremely complicated and challenging to overcome for men.

“Women identify more with and see themselves in their daughters, and the same goes for men and sons.”


This week we were thrilled to make our first sponsor announcement for Dad 2.018, and it’s a good one. Please welcome Clorox to the community!

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