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November is for growing

November used to be kind of a Nothingburger, a month of shortening, shivering days and preparing for winter nights as long as your underwear. Recently, though, we’ve been impressed by myriad efforts to turn this dead zone between Halloween and the holidays into 30 days of structured productivity.

From the pages of NaNoWriMo to the follicles of Movember, we are now encouraged to spend November growing into better versions of ourselves. It’s a month of charity and collaboration, and devoting time to causes and passions and projects that leave the month in better shape than we found it.

One way to improve November is to resolve to read things through before reacting to them. Like yesterday, when  trended on Twitter. Response was brisk and predictably shrill, as many (including us) absorbed it as condescending to those of us dads who cook dinner all the time. When you read the site, however, you find the organizers acknowledge dads who are comfortable in the kitchen, and instead encourage those who are not to try the experience and build memories with their kids. In the end, we support any effort to upend gender stereotypes, even if we’d go about it a bit differently.

We hope we can all devote this November to some sense of growth while the rest of the northern hemisphere retreats into hibernation. That way, we’ll reach the Thanksgiving table with much more to be thankful for.


Are parents devoting too much energy to highly unlikely threats? Spoiler: Yes. Yes, they are.

From fun to diet, are “helpful” parents ruining childhood?

“Kids love to explain. They love to teach, and they love to feel like you respect them as an intelligent person.”

If you let your kids charge to your own credit card account, you’re on the hook for their debt.

We hear you on the whole “helicopter” thing, grandparents. But overall, you just need to chill out.

Parents love to talk about kids and smartphone use, but what about our own?

These celebrity dads totally nailed their Halloween costumes.

Injured Celtic Gordon Heyward’s daughters love his scooter. They wanted him to ride around with their doggy in the basket.

“If my real kids are ready for independence, maybe my animated kids are, too.” – Sascha Paladino


Holidays always bring out the heartstrings in commercials, and this year, Halloween wasn’t any different. This PSA addressing gender stereotypes in children’s costumes got us right in the feels.

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Top photo (unmodified version): Mike Tinnion on Unsplash